Add value to your home with new windows

Why replace your windows?
Existing window seals become compressed or deteriorated, allowing air to pass through and causing drafts that result in increased heating and air conditioning bills. Similarly, outdated ¼" glazing is often inferior when compared to CertainTeed's ¾" insulated unit, which Robert Wertz, Inc. offers as a superior replacement product. Older windows become glazed or moisture accumulates between windowpanes, developing foggy and unclear appearances. In addition, existing windows sashes bow, making them difficult to open and close. Sliding doors requiring part replacement, such as rollers, may also be difficult to maneuver. window services

Not only do replacement windows and doors benefit a homeowner in everyday use and energy efficiency, but also in terms of added value and visual attractiveness. With innovative products available such as transoms, sidelights, and geometric combinations, new windows and doors enhance your home architecturally and beautify your rooms.

Why choose CertainTeed?
Windows and doors are rated by Consumer Digest as the Best Buy for your home because of their long-lasting performance, great looks, superior thermal efficiency, and level of affordability. CertainTeed windows and doors have a Thermaflect® glazing system that helps save energy costs in both the heating and cooling seasons. The system meets the Energy Star guidelines for thermal efficiency in all climate regions. These products are manufactured locally, making it convenient should a need arise for prompt customer service or replacement parts. CertainTeed products come with a lifetime limited warranty as long as you own your house and a five-year coverage for replacement materials and labor. Many sizes and styles are available, and with a custom-manufactured fit for each opening, Robert Wertz, Inc. will help you choose the perfect look to best improve your home.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Enhance your home's character and appearance
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Tax credits available for Energy Star
  • Replacement parts readily accessible
  • Affordability